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5th Ave & 56th, by Adam Hendrik

I look forward to the film. I think Aaron Sorkin should write the screenplay; he has a way with dialogue that is required to capture the nuances. The supplied narrative includes all the plot options: comedy, tragedy, the quest, rags to riches, a rebirth, a voyage and return, and overcoming the monster. The particulars will be what makes or breaks the film. A few characters scattered about is easy, but they need a clear motive. If you want to know what the people think, you need to find the people. The Media doesn’t represent the people, The Media distracts the people. Where there is an audience, the truth is distorted, especially when hungry. If you want truth, look to the streets, the cafes, the bars, the parks; all those places where people talk freely and where they think nobody is listening. 

After moving to the States last July, I had expected to hear noise — instead there was silence. People moved in the streets and the parks with heads down embarrassed while their phones vibrated violently with ‘whodunnit’ tweets and paid advertisements in news feeds. 

I was in Buenos Aires when Trump was elected. The next morning in the hotel dining room, I witnessed a woman crying while on the phone with her husband — she was American. A week later, in New Haven, I overheard a man say, “The one thing worse than a Trump Government is a Clinton Government - put a muzzle on him for four years and get him out.”

The candidates structured their strategies with pointed fingers. The people fell for it. They went to the internet to voice their opinion, desperate for leadership. It was the best of the worst, and the People Knew It. 

To make the film effective, a strong protagonist is required. Once a protagonist has been selected, the plot will be an easy choice. Fortunately for us, the requirements for a character to be interesting are different than what is required of a good President. Lucky for the film, Trump won. He is by far the more sellable character.

Ask Trump and he will say Clinton is the monster, that losing nearly a billion qualifies him as poor, that it had always been a quest. Whether the film is a tragedy or comedy is subjective, time will tell, and so will Trump’s actions. The story is also one of re-birth. Ultimately, his journey to the White House will end with his return to the dark tower from which he came.

 Adam is a Canadian Writer and Photographer who lives in America and does what he does. He plans to return to Canada ASAP.

Adam is a Canadian Writer and Photographer who lives in America and does what he does. He plans to return to Canada ASAP.

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